Gemscool Kart Rider

Gemscool Kart Riderthat is the vehicle for lifting by the great game portal in Indonesia is usually in the world especially with topics of a racing game is gemscool engrossing when we play them because has not the same style of game to another.

On-line games are entirely based on the bottom line is not the same taste is not the same, because it can be played by many players, but often there's a fraud is most major theme when nobody would feel primed.

The game features Gemscool Kart Rider had five votes that could play into five short of skills training memilikin is not the same or completely until you can pull out what many of the skills you have in the game.

Gemscool Kart Rider

The five traits among:


An honest and innocent drivers who upholds the high sportive in racing. No doubt his ability


Someone wants to have a high potential for dara so great. Its nature is very brave not trembling in their own condition or self-taught learning anything. because sometimes it is thus driving course


Dizni once that fear that is driving the Kart shy. But after the permission he Kart, Dao attempts as well as the Rider with awesome skills. The main purpose is to find the villain Lodumani Dizni in unison with the Dao.


The Rider romantic Marid. Though he's lazy Kart riding, but he always exercises with painstaking to seize the Dao from Dizni. He was more worried about love from the victory.


The MOS popular bubble Kart maniac Hill. He is known also as fans of Go-kart racing. MOS is not concerned with the victory and just ride a Kart to hobynya.

For you who have been so your members want to enjoy all the features of the ingindara play selekasnya kart with a visit to kartrider website. gemscool. com. If you do not understand how does the entry and then follow these steps:

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Gamscool Freestyle

Gamscool the latest Freestyle game on-line breakthrough in Indonesia from PT Creon Games basketball background, which is unprecedented in Indonesia,

Although basketball is based, but the thrill of the game in FreeStyle not just can be enjoyed by a few admirers basketball only. This game combines elements of the prima games engineering, diversity and style traits with situations that support people. Freestyle is a game that will make You feel on the field and play with your team, not just the usual virtual game

In FreeStyle you will not compete with the computer AI is drab and could be estimated for each movement, FreeStyle, you will play nice 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 with other players who are certainly not you can read his movement. Results of the competition would set by how Your tips as well as the establishment of reflex of good teamwork quickly. Coupled with a mastery of the skills that match the same position of your choice, you designate the popular players in the short span of the FreeStyle.

With the exception of the FreeStyle game, provide a variety of options in the matter of style shirt dresses in other words traits. You can express your moodmu daily with style is not the same. Want to look sweet? Funny? Cool? Weird? all of the style that you think you want, and you can easily make it distinctive. Surely this sort of thing makes each competition has not the same impression.

There are a growing number of other features that await to be retrieved by you. Feel the freedom to express their own sense of individual style and semasing make own all star team

For those of you who want to feel how much fun the game and don't have an account Frestyle gemscool. You can go directly to

And become a member of gemscool frestyle to just go to the

Gemscool Point Blank

Gemscool Point Blank the very first online game portal in Indonesia. Gemscool Point Blank lately became extremely popular most are playing among gamers online. The collection of members is that the first online game portal in Indonesia. Well, for someone's Online gaming lovers should know about the game, Point Blank Isn‘t it?. Additionally, Point Blank Gemscool also offers many other online games like Free Style, Atlantica, Lost Saga, Yulgang, Kart Rider, among others. However, the foremost preferred by gamers online at this time is Point Blank or commonly mentioned as PB. Gemscool Point Blank is that the genre of FPS PC game that was played in online mode. The overall game itself was developed by Zepetto from South Korea that was later published by NCSoft. Gemscool Point Blank and lost the overall game so most favorite Saga of gemscool.

But unfortunately, now Point Blank has started less favored by the majority of folks because the quantity that will make the players cheat Point Blank cheat without needing honestly feel aggrieved. Hopefully can fix it to ensure that it may not deceive Gemscool usage through the overall game Gemscool Point Blank. Well, for Buddy are confused how you can enter / login Gemscool. com because often times just showing an empty page, then Don‘t Be Concerned buddy, it is usually since the site is in maintenance or repair Gemscool. com. Well, for any Junior Member Login Point Blank, PAL can easily copy the listed url straight into the address bar upon the browser Buddy (Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, etc ), http : / / www. gemscool. com / login / login. PHP. Will be studied to some page such as the one in the listed :

In addition, my friend lives enter the Junior Member ID along with your Password to login Gemscool Point Blank, Jiika friends list yet, please register first by clicking on the feed link to Sign up or PHP. And if you've forgotten your password, please go to this link

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Gemscool Dragon Nest

Gemscool Dragon Nest a free Fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. the game was managed by PT. Creon passing Gemscool in indonesia and is one of the 12-game run Gemscool IE (Point Blank, Lost Saga, Dragon Nest, Free Style, Atlantica, Cabal, Kart Rider, the Age Of Wushu, Eligium, Mirror War, 3, Yulgang on-line) and probably will be added again new game run gemscool.

This game is the combat system uses a non-target until some players hold full control over every movement of his character. Dragon Nest asked some players to make the team with his upgrade and ventured into some of the Dungeon.

In this game, there are 5 character and each has its own strengths. Class can be changed time level 15 and 45.


According to the same name, the characteristics of this type of melee weapons or wear may be close. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at level 15, the Sword Master and Mercenary.

Sword Master that is agile and the has class speed and high attack, and more concentration on his magic skills. Though smaller attack capability in the appeal of Mercenary, when compared, his strength is the same as well. For example, Mercenary 1 hit reduce the 5000 phones, was sword master with 3 combo would reduce 6000 cell phone.

The mercenary class which has a high physical attack, but on appeal the Sword Master, Mercenary remain more sluggish in attack. Although slow, however high serangnya power can be used to destroy your opponent quickly.


Archer uses the arrow to point weapons, and is the most nimble job in this game. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at level 15, i.e. Acrobat as well as Hunter.

Acrobat is a very agile class with the combo is very much in the appeal of hunter, but with small as well as critical attacking the very heavy very waw.

Hunter wrote a class that is not too agile, but critical as well as a sizable attack power can destroy opponents quickly with combo which is a little much, but less than Acrobat.


Sorceress wears a magic wand to gun attack defenseless physical essence, low, but high magic attack power. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at level 15, i.e. Force the User as well as the Elemental Lord.

Force User i.e. class that prioritize the elements of darkness in his attack, as well as the menbantu peer 1 party with skillnya.

Elemental lord of the prioritization of elements of class ice and fire in his attack, had a great time combo player vs player mode.


Cleric wearing a wand, or maybe mace weapon for the bottom line, as well as wearing the shield makes the protection of dianya. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at level 15, the Paladin and Priest.

That is Paladin class which prioritize physical attack power, have high attack speed and technical blocking it is superb.

Priest: a class of priority please help your fellow party/team as well as attacking magic, especially Light. Priest could raise HP teammate, until the Priest was often described as supporters.


Tinkerer or maybe Academic wear a cannon launcher and bubble gun weapon for the bottom line. There are 2 types of classes that can be taken at level 15, the Engineer and the Alchemist.

Engineer a class i.e. prioritize physical attacks than magic, as well as high attack power, could destroy your opponent quickly.

Alchemist is a class a power attack magic, prioritizing can make teammates for buff/party, as well as having a high magic attack power.

 Gemscool Dragon Nest

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