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Forum gemscool Here a spot where discussion, exchange ideas, provide suggestions, feedback and criticism about our games. to access this forum you need to enter an ID in order to post inside the forums. If you aren‘t a member, you have to check in beforehand !.

After you check in, you are able to start surfing the forum. You will see lots of data and tips and tricks from other members inside the sub-forums games available there. You may also participate inside the discussion and share your experiences with fellow members. Additionally we also can question and answer forum with Admins and moderators upon the procedures or also inside the game which remains confusing for those.
You may also report a scam perpetrated by other players inside the game in the forum with a robust evidence as screenshots. Admin will quickly respond if reports proved to become true.

Before you decide to ask upon the forum and it is going to be good, gemscool surfing one to go through forum rules and guidelines upon the front page from the forum. Due to course every company has rules that its members formally apply the code of conduct for members. For all those individuals who wish to address through