Gemscool Lost Saga

Gemscool Lost Saga is a 3D action-free casual online games-play developed by IO Entertainment from Korea. Not least with Point Blank, also carrying the game Lost Saga FPS like Point Blank. In addition, we can also change the style of our Saga characters on lost.

The characters contained in the Lost Saga is often called a "Hero" or "army of the lease". The lease is divided into five different categories: Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium. Players can buy hero of in-game store paid using pesos, the currency gained from battles, or get their services for 2 hours when they reach the rank in which mercenaries were opened, with the exception of mercenary premium, which can only be obtained through the purchase of G-Cash vouchers (Junior Member)

After that, the Heroes can also incur a "tooth epic", a set of armor and weapons in addition to changing the appearance of the Heroes but also drastically increase his strength when completed successfully.

In addition to the Lost Saga of Gemscool Indonesia, in other countries there is also a Lost Saga is already more popular than the first and Lost Saga Indonesia, for example, in the US and Thailand in Asiasoft OGPlanet.

Fashion game

There are many game modes in Lost Saga, among them:

1. Relic Hunting

Here, the Heroes would fight for the treasure is hidden, can-shaped pieces or Epic Gears!

2. the Crusades

The crusade of the PvE mode (Player version Environment) where players will face the concerted attack Monster subordinates to superiors. In this mode the level system, namely the level of distress. The higher the level, the level of distress from the enemy will be stronger.

3. Power Stone

In this mode each team has a Power boost the power Stone semasing team. The intent is to destroy the opposing team's rock-out and also belonged to the winner.

4. Crown Control

In this mode the 2nd team Crown (crown) that can be used, however, when Crown-wearers used so big and slow and easy developing a team can wear them, as well as achieve optimum 100 points so it's a winner.

5. Fishing Mode

Tired of fighting and wanted to rest for a moment but continued to exist in the Lost Saga with other peers? While fishing.

6. Raid Boss

RAID Boss mode where players that give the opportunity to the brush is so Boss as well as dealing with other players. Most other players who kill when he was so boss winner.

7. the mode of prisoners

In this mode the Prisoner, there are two steps to win: dropping the opponent or jail them.