Gamscool Freestyle

Gamscool the latest Freestyle game on-line breakthrough in Indonesia from PT Creon Games basketball background, which is unprecedented in Indonesia,

Although basketball is based, but the thrill of the game in FreeStyle not just can be enjoyed by a few admirers basketball only. This game combines elements of the prima games engineering, diversity and style traits with situations that support people. Freestyle is a game that will make You feel on the field and play with your team, not just the usual virtual game

In FreeStyle you will not compete with the computer AI is drab and could be estimated for each movement, FreeStyle, you will play nice 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 with other players who are certainly not you can read his movement. Results of the competition would set by how Your tips as well as the establishment of reflex of good teamwork quickly. Coupled with a mastery of the skills that match the same position of your choice, you designate the popular players in the short span of the FreeStyle.

With the exception of the FreeStyle game, provide a variety of options in the matter of style shirt dresses in other words traits. You can express your moodmu daily with style is not the same. Want to look sweet? Funny? Cool? Weird? all of the style that you think you want, and you can easily make it distinctive. Surely this sort of thing makes each competition has not the same impression.

There are a growing number of other features that await to be retrieved by you. Feel the freedom to express their own sense of individual style and semasing make own all star team

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